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FEATURE: #CoffeeforContracts – An Experimental Campaign

Lawyers are known for being an interesting lot. We’re known for... Written By Manojna Yeluri (April 2019)
3.5 minutes Read

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FEATURE: Researching Environmental Empathy – The Way Forward

According to the Global Footprint Network, we will need two Earths to... Written By Nabeela Siddiqui (April 2019)
6.5 minutes Read

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FEATURE: Forgiveness for Conscious Lawyers – Part One

Eileen Barker and Barbara Monty are lawyers from Northern California who... Written By Eileen Barker and Barbara Monty (April 2019)
6 minutes Read

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FEATURE: Advancing the Rights of Nature through Restorative Justice

THE SCOTTISH LAW FIRM LIVING LAW RECENTLY PUBLISHED an excellent report analyzing... Written By Femke Wijdekop (October 2018)
8.5 minutes Read

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FEATURE: The Art of Judging

I write to suggest that poetics, as opposed to rhetoric, is... Written By Adam Strömbergsson-DeNora (October 2018)
6 minutes Read

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FEATURE: Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is a fast-growing social movement and set of practices... Written By Femke Wijdekop (October 2018)
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FEATURE: Expanding the Conversation about Conflicts over Animals

When I attended law school, the practice of animal law was... Written By Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton (October 2018)
7 minutes Read

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FEATURE: Community Charters

Following the recent ban on fracking and other types of Unconventional... Written By Mothiur Rahman (October 2018)
8.5 minutes Read

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FEATURE: Conscious Sacred Resistance: Reflections on the Policy of Child Separation in the US

The final week of August memorializes the fifty-fifth anniversary of Rev.... Written By Jenipher Jones (October 2018)
8.5 minutes Read