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The California legislature is considering a bill to legalise the sale of homemade meals.

According to a blog video update on the new bill from the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) in California “With basic health and safety measures in place this could create tens of thousands of new enterprises; more diverse, flexible and creative work opportunities; and neighbourhood based food systems that vastly expand options for what we eat. The ripple effects will bring countless benefits.” The SELC goes on to say that the legislature should not allow for-profit intermediaries to be involved saying: “We should not allow big companies like Uber, AirBnb, TaskRabbit or Amazon to extract profit as intermediaries of home food sales. In other industries these companies generally take anywhere from 15-30% of each transaction. That is a huge bite out of people’s take home pay…The more companies take, the larger those companies grow and wealthier their shareholders become. Meanwhile workers become dependent on single platforms and get squeezed. Pressure to cut costs, cut corners, and work longer hours to produce more and more and more. Chefs will be pressured to buy cheaper, mass-produced low quality or expired ingredients. This pattern compromises worker wellbeing and public health. This is not about legalising an Uber for food and making rich companies richer. It is about expanding food options; bringing producers and consumers closer together and supporting livelihoods throughout the food system.” SELC says that non-profits, cooperatives and governmental agencies should be allowed to serve as intermediaries.

Watch a video from the SELC explaining the new bill.

Assist their campaign to prevent Uberization here.


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