FEATURE: Beauty, Totality, Violent Law

Written By Lucy Finchett-Maddock (May 2017)
4.5 minutes Read

FEATURE: The Art/Law Network UK

Written By Lucy Finchett-Maddock (May 2017)
2.5 minutes Read

FEATURE: THE CREATIVE LEGAL COMMONS: An Invitation to Imagine and Act

Between September and December 2018, students of the Amsterdam Law School (UvA) and Architectural Design students of the Rietveld Academy engaged
Written By Mothiur Rahman (January 2017)
5 Minutes Read

FEATURE: Integrating mindfulness and law

Written By Elaine Quinn (October 2015)
6.5 minutes Read

FEATURE: Seeking Wholeness, A Lawyer’s Personal Reflection

Written By Patrick Andrews (January 2017)
5 minutes Read

FEATURE: Conversations with the Planet

Written By Isabel Añino Granados (January 2017)
6 minutes Read

FEATURE: The Evolution of the Legal Status of Animals: From Things to Sentient Beings

Written By Sabine Brels, PhD (January 2016)
7 minutes Read

FEATURE: “Rights for Nature” – Why Do We Need Them?

Written By Mumta Ito (January 2016)
10 minutes Read