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The legal sector is one the most powerful in UK society, and a new initiative, Lawyers for the Future, aims to leverage that power to help accelerate the transition to a Net Zero world. 

It is clear that we need rapid cross-sectoral and cultural change in order to take the opportunities inherent in the transition to Net Zero and avoid a climate breakdown.

Covid has demonstrated both the vulnerability of society, and that if collectively we decide something is important enough, we can shift rapidly.  The aim of Lawyers for the Future is to support lawyers to help drive the changes necessary to deliver a liveable planet for all.  

As all business and organisational relationships rely on legal contracts, lawyers are always ‘in the room’ when big decisions are made. A lawyer’s practice is therefore by far their biggest potential impact on the relative success or failure of a societal shift to a truly Net Zero world. 


Net Zero Action Charter

The initiative aims to enable lawyers to focus on aligning their practice with a Net Zero future. Clearly there are different roles legal professionals undertake, so there are many actions which can be taken with this aim in mind.  Lawyers for the Future will give guidance on this via our ‘Net Zero Action Charter’, which we will invite all private practice and in-house lawyers to join, along with law students and firms. 

Our vision is for lawyers to play a key role in the shift in practical activity required to maintain a liveable future planet for us all. 

If you wish to explore this initiative further, contact info@futurelawyers.co or go to www.futurelawyers.co


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