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Years ago, when working as a junior lawyer for a large manufacturing company, I attended a meeting of senior executives, presided over by the senior vice president.  

I was in awe of this capable and charismatic leader, so I was taken aback when half way through the meeting he put his head in his hands and gave an anguished howl: “It is so hard to get anything done!”.

Every generation has to find new ways of addressing this old question of how to organise a group of people to get things done.  This generation faces a particularly interesting and difficult challenge as the old, top-down ways of organising, which we have relied on for so long are proving unable to keep up with a rapidly changing society.

New, more dynamic and less bureaucratic approaches, rich in promise, are emerging: Teal, Agile, Sociocracy, B Corp and more. Companies that embrace them report significantly higher levels of efficiency, customer satisfaction and staff fulfilment.

The Human Organising Co runs workshops, designed for pioneers who want to explore, in a creative and experimental way, these new ways of working.  Read more here. 


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