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The Project for Integrating Spirituality, Law, and Politics (PISLAP pronounced Pie-slap) is an international group of lawyers, law professors, law students, and some non-legal fellow travelers who seek to build a new legal system that fosters empathy, compassion, and mutual understanding.

In 2020, The Conscious Lawyer teamed up with PISLAP to produce an inspiring and uplifting magazine issue showcasing, amongst other things, the excellent work the PISLAP network has been doing in developing a new spiritually-informed approach to law and social change for more than twenty years. Read the September 2020 special issue here. 

As Martin Luther King, Jr. said: “Justice is love correcting that which revolts against love.” Our current legal system does not reflect this ethos; it is based on a competitive, antagonistic, and overly individualistic view of humanity that belies our common spiritual existence. PISLAP’s mission is therefore to lead a multi-disciplinary movement integrating spirituality, law, and politics that transforms the existing legal system in ways that promote healing, cooperation, and the advancement of human consciousness. As lawyers, politicians, professors, and concerned citizens, we are committed to speaking up about our spiritual values and transforming our governments, law schools, and legal institutions to reflect those values, with courage, integrity, and commitment to something greater than our individual desires and needs. By taking a holistic and spiritually-informed approach to law and social change, we are correcting all that which revolts against love in our legal system, and by extension our world. This is not just a movement but rather a way of life, one which honors and reflects our true nature as spiritually connected beings. Read more on the PISLAP Brochure here.

In normal non-COVID times, PISLAP holds annual or bi-annual conferences where we can hear from, see, and talk with one another. We also hold monthly zoom calls that at which members present on topics which help illuminate new ways to integrate the spiritual dimension of our common existence into our legal efforts to bring about a more socially just world. And we develop social policy proposals aimed at extending our cultural influence, such as the proposals for addition to the US Democratic Party Platform that we have submitted this year on reforming Child Support Laws in light of the Black Lives Matter movement, or our successful proposal submitted at the Democratic Party convention four years ago to support the greater use of Restorative Justice in resolving criminal cases in the United States.

While we fully support efforts around the world to continue extending the granting of liberal rights to formerly excluded, marginalized, or oppressed groups, we are simultaneously determined to lay the groundwork for a new vision of law and justice that fosters the creation of a world based on mutuality, cooperation, and love. But to be successful in this effort, we must keep expanding our membership, both to increase our numbers, and to support our efforts through asking our members to pay very modest dues. Please go to our website at WWW.SPIRITLAWPOLITICS.ORG and join PISLAP, and become part of a world-wide effort to transform the law, and the world itself, so as to enable us to fully recognize and affirm each other’s common humanity.


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