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The recently formed UK Chapter of the International Society of Therapeutic Jurisprudence is developing a series of initiatives to assist in raising awareness of TJ across the UK. 

At the recent Socio-Legal Studies Conference, the Law and Emotion Stream ran a session dedicated to this topic, including a discussion of the epistemology of TJ and a wide-ranging debate on its current and potential role.  The first full meeting of the UK Chapter will take place on Thursday, 6thJune at The Open University’s Milton Keynes campus.  It will involve around seven speakers, all of whom are actively researching into TJ within the UK on topics as diverse as legal education and problem-solving courts.  It will also include time for discussion and debate and the planning of next steps.  The meeting is free and refreshments are provided.  For further information, and to book, please visit this link.

A number of representatives of the UK Chapter will also be speaking at the International Congress of Law and Mental Health, to be held in Rome in July 2019.  This includes a panel specifically focusing on TJ in the UK.

Papers from both these events (and from other TJ researchers in the UK) will then be used to create a special edition of the European Journal of Current Legal Issues, an online, open access, peer reviewed journal that provides great scope for demonstrating the variety of emerging and established research into this area.

If anyone is interested in being added to the UK Chapter’s mailing list, in contributing to the special edition or in helping plan future events, please contact Dr Emma Jones and Dr Anna Kawalek at ISTJChapterUK@gmail.com.


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